Products : A wide range of POS communication products


Installation, a job for the professionals

Once produced, the advertising material must be installed at the point of sale. This is especially the case with exterior lighted or non-lighted signs, whose installation requires precision and know-how. Saycom has teams of technicians and electricians who are highly qualified and experienced. The competence of these professionals guarantees an installation according to the rule book, with:

  • an electrical, mechanical and visual check of the installations;
  • meticulous cleaning when work is complete;
  • scrupulous compliance with safety rules and regulatory standards.

Flexibility of teams and quality of materials

For quick and professional installations, Saycom’s ten teams of installers are equipped with technical intervention vehicles, mobile cranes and cherry-pickers. In order to guarantee quality follow-up and maintenance, each installation is described in detail on Sign’Net, the points of sale database managed by Saycom.

Production Maintenance