Global or on-demand service: Saycom’s customised solutions

Graphic simulation – Concept – Prototyping – Manufacturing – Installation – Maintenance – Recycling

Expert in POS visual communication, Saycom manages the various steps of your project from start to finish, so as to meet all your needs.

With many years of experience in the industry, we offer you a complete range of professional services, from design to maintenance, including prototyping, manufacturing, and installation.

Collaborate with Saycom to tailor-make the solution you’re looking for: opt for a comprehensive package or request a more occasional service, choosing the on-demand service(s) you need.

Need an expert to make your points of sale shine?

The « Global Concept » : Saycom’s innovative approach

Why work with us?

A successful visual communications project for a shop or showroom involves managing a multitude of facets and combining different skills. Saycom ensures you a personalised solution that covers all your needs, for both interior and exterior signage. We look forward to meeting even your most ambitious challenges.

Our services enable us to manage all the steps of a visual communication and POS design project within your deadlines. All you have to do is choose the services you need, or opt for the “global concept”.

Graphic studio

Our designers work either from a blank page, or from your graphic style guide or concept, taking technical constraints into account. Saycom brings your best marketing ideas to life to make a difference.


Our experts model your creative projects. In collaboration with you, they define the design, materials and colours. We then draw up production plans and create full-scale prototypes, providing the essential basis for production.


Our engineers analyse and study the feasibility of your project, so that the most creative simulations become concrete realisations while preserving your design.


Because every visual communication project must take the realities on the ground into account, our technicians carefully analyse your points of sale and their surroundings. The aim is to detect anything that could have an impact on the installation and visibility of any advertising material.


We have the necessary resources to produce all your POS advertising materials. The result? Controlled quality, deadlines and production costs!


Installing visual communication assets requires specific skills, which our qualified and experiences technical teams have at their disposal.


Maintenance of advertising materials significantly increases their lifespan. Our teams maintain all your installations with a focus on speed, flexibility and quality.


A commitment to the environment is deeply rooted in Saycom’s DNA. This is reflected in our intelligent recycling policy.

Why choose Saycom’s global service?

Our comprehensive range of services gives you many advantages:

  • Controlled internal management, for optimum flexibility and total control over quality, deadlines and costs.
  • Maximum consistency on all your POS, thanks to our knowledge and your guidelines compliance.
  • Single point of contact for all your projects.
  • Particular attention to technical constraints.

Saycom offers a comprehensive range of services for your visual communications. 

Thanks to its experienced and complementary specialists, Saycom can manage your indoor or outdoor visual communication project from start to finish.