Products : A wide range of POS communication products


Prototyping, the essential link between ideas and production

To go from ideas to production, prototyping is an essential testing phase. Because whatever the level of inventiveness, each project has to be conceived while also taking production constraints into account. Prototyping is the first phase in this process of turning the designers’ work into concrete reality.

Full scale prototypes

Outdoor signs, displays.... the Saycom prototyping department studies and models the creative department’s ideas, then makes full scale mock-ups and prototypes. The aim? Providing the essential basis for moving to production and manufacture.

Multidisciplinary professionals

Made up of engineers, as well as technicians specialising in plastics, textiles, carpentry and lighting, the prototyping department encompasses a wide range of skills. This know-how is used to define a technological solution suited to each visual communication project. The « Global concept » philosophy enables these professionals to include engineering and production constraints in their thinking.

Creative Studio Engineering