Your expert in POS visual communication for over 70 years

Saycom (“SAY it with COMmunication”) is a renowned Belgian company specialising in interior and exterior design and signage for points of sale. Our commitment to excellence and creativity for the retail industry actors has made us a recognised market leader.

Ready for a creative, high-quality visual identity for the interior and exterior of your points of sale?

Saycom: the one-stop shop for your POS visual communication

Do you want to dress up the interior and exterior of your points of sale for the long term? Or launch an ad hoc promotional campaign?

We offer a complete range of effective, customisable visual communication materials:

  • Illuminated signs
  • Signage
  • Window stickering
  • Display solutions
  • Interior furniture and commercial architecture
  • And our engagement to meet any challenge you may throw our way

Illuminated signs




Window stickering


Display solutions


Interior furniture and commercial architecture

Countless solutions for your point-of-sale visual communication?

That’s what Saycom is all about!

From design to maintenance

Thanks to its team of experienced and complementary specialists, Saycom handles your marketing project from start to finish.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Recycling


Whether you need a long-term partner or an ad hoc service provider, you can choose from the Saycom services that best suit you.

Leveraging the best of both worlds as a family-owned and professional company

A global approach to business

Saycom handles every aspect of the given missions, regardless of their complexity, and without having to go through intermediaries.

Your advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility, especially in terms of timing
  • Single point of contact to coordinate the mission
  • Mastered quality of our products and services
  • Optimal consistency of your project
  • Perfectly controlled timescales and costs

    Human and professional values


    Our engagement in your marketing project is total, and we accept nothing less than excellence.

    Customer service

    Your contact person has a single objective: to meet your needs, from design to installation. Their proactivity is matched only by their collaborative spirit.

    Technical inventiveness

    With cutting-edge technology, Saycom meets every challenge and provides you with unique and creative solutions.


    We design tailored solutions that reflect your brand’s identity and values.

    Local expertise

    We are aware of the specific marketing needs of our retail customers in the Belgian and European markets.

    Environmental commitment

    Saycom approaches environment with reasonable and due care, offering visual communication solutions that consume the least energy and are the most sustainable.

    Would you like points of sale that reflect your brand’s strengths and make a lasting impact on your customers?

    High-performance visual communication solutions coupled with a seamless customer service

    Our customers:

    major retail actors

    With over 70 years of experience, Saycom has successfully managed many large-scale marketing projects.

    Most of our customers are major national and international actors in the following sectors:

    • Automotive
    • Banking and insurance
    • Telecommunication
    • Mass distribution
    • Restaurant chain
    • Facility management
    • Pharmaceutical…

    We offer them mass production solutions. But our expertise also extends to the production of smaller-scale communication materials, even one-off products.

    Would you also like to design your points of sale with original, high-quality visual communication materials?

    Rely on Saycom!

    Saycom can bring your visual communication to life in a unique and powerful way.