Window stickers: powerful and appealing visual asset for your point of sale

When used appropriately, your shop front is a key advertising asset for your point of sale, especially with powerful window stickers.

This decoration is designed to be placed on windows or any other surface. Its aim is to promote and enhance your visual communication, a special offer or a product, even before the customer walks into your point of sale.

Saycom offers an exceptional range of high-end sticker solutions that will make your brand top of mind for customers.

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Opting for window stickers: what are the advantages?

Strengthening your brand image

As an excellent advertising and communication material, window stickers play an active role in promoting your brand or campaigns in your point of sale.

Delivering a promotional message

Even if they are sometimes used on a permanent basis, window stickers are particularly ideal for communicating one-off special offers or events.

Preserving confidentiality

Window stickers are also used in glazed areas to preserve confidentiality, security and privacy (while letting light through).

A window sticker for every need

Decorative window stickers

Window stickers are the ideal solution for turning your facade into a spectacular advertising asset or unifying your points of sale.

Your graphics are printed with exceptional quality, guaranteeing maximum visibility.

We offer permanent or repositionable vinyl solutions.

One way vision stickers

This option lets the light get inside your space while offering exceptional visual impact.

    Frosted window stickers

    For an elegant, discrete or creative touch, frosted window stickers are infinitely customisable. This solution offers greater privacy while letting light through. It can also be used to separate spaces.

      Solar, safety and anti-graffiti window stickers

      Saycom offers a complete range of window films to meet the specific needs of your points of sale.

        Saycom turns your shop window into an exceptional advertising asset!

        Discover the power of Saycom’s window stickers

        Saycom’s excellence for your window stickers

        Saycom’s experts are committed to providing you with visual communication solutions of the highest quality, such as window graphics with visual impact that will make your retail space stand out.
        We bring them to life with all the know-how and experience acquired through the many marketing projects successfully managed by our teams.

        Global service

        Our team of experts remains at your disposal every step of the process, from conception to installation, including design that perfectly matches your brand image.

        Tailored solutions

        Saycom’s monochrome or four-colour window stickers are available in an infinite range of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, they can be permanent, repositionable or even for a one-off event.


        To ensure their longevity, we offer high-quality, weatherproof and UV-resistant window stickers.

        Continuous innovation

        Saycom is at the cutting edge of window stickers, offering you the most powerful visual communication solutions.


        Saycom approaches environment with reasonable and due care, offering eco-friendly solutions for your window stickers.

        Need striking graphics that reflect your brand identity and meet your visibility objectives?