POS fitting: create a unique brand universe

The retail concept combines marketing and design to create a captivating, high-quality customer experience at your points of sale (supermarkets, showrooms, outlets or pop-up shops).

Turn your shop into a space where furniture, decoration, lighting and product arrangement are designed to enhance aesthetics, facilitate access to your products and bring customers into the your brand’s universe.

We focus on customer experience in accordance with your retail concept (guidelines and graphic style guide).

With an established reputation for shop fitting excellence, Saycom leverages its multi-disciplinary skills (interior architecture, shop fitting, design, customer flow) to manage your entire project – inside and outside your POS.

Would you like a sales space that delights your customers, reinforces your brand identity and maximises your sales?

A pleasant, consistent and efficient point of sale

Saycom’s retail concept experts will enhance your customer experience by rethinking the flow of your sales outlet, decorating it and fitting it out in an attractive way.

Our creative ideas for stimulating the senses and triggering positive emotions in your customers further enhance your shop’s appeal.

Saycom collaborates with its customers’ technical and marketing teams.

Greening your POS

is a growing trend that offers numerous benefits for both customers and businesses. By incorporating natural elements into commercial spaces, businesses enhance the customer experience, strengthen their brand image, and contribute to sustainability.

Gros plan sur le logo Saycom
Gros plan sur le logo Saycom

Our POS fittings in pictures

With Saycom, you can be sure that your customers will discover something new every time they enter your POS. 

Fit out your POS with Saycom

Saycom: for an appealing, functional and remarkable POS

Aesthetic choices, sales furniture placement, intelligent flow in the point of sale. Professional POS fitting conveys your brand image, showcases your products and reveals your unique universe to your customers.

We bring your sales point to life with all the know-how and experience acquired through the many marketing projects successfully managed by our teams.

Global service

Starting with an empty commercial space, our team of experts – talented designers, innovative interior architects and experienced construction professionals – creates an architectural concept, considers its ergonomics and carries out all the shopfitting and finishing work.

Tailored solutions

Our team provides POS fitting solutions that reflect your brand identity and meet your marketing needs.


All the elements of your POS fitting are made from the finest, most durable materials to ensure the longevity of each of our creations.

Continuous innovation

Saycom is at the cutting edge of retail concepts and offers you the most modern solutions.


Saycom approaches environment with reasonable and due care, offering eco-friendly POS fitting solutions.

Every POS fitting project we undertake is an opportunity to create a unique and functional retail space that embodies your vision and brand identity.

Unrivalled expertise, flawless service and a resolute commitment to quality… With Saycom, your point of sale becomes an exceptional place that attracts and retains your customers.