Our signage panels: key informative assets for your points of sale

Choose professional visual communication solutions that meet your most demanding needs in terms of direction, safety and visibility!

With their wide range of sizes and materials, added to their high-quality decoration (vinyl or four-colour printing), Saycom’s signage panels guarantee effective diffusion of your message (whether informative, directional or safety-related) to visitors at your points of sale (shop, showroom, agency, car dealership, etc.).

Are you looking for clear signage solutions for your points of sale?

Our signage panels: the power of visual communication

Guide your customers and visitors with effective signage panels, both inside and outside your building.

This simple, cost-effective form of communication can be applied to a variety of advertising materials:

Directional signs

Our directional signs (SB250, T2000 or tailor-made) make your message crystal-clear and ensure easy navigation for your visitors both inside and outside your building. Their sleek design and strategic use of colour enable quick wayfinding.

Safety signs

Is safety a major concern in your points of sale? Featuring pictograms that meet the most stringent standards, safety signs are designed to inform, warn and communicate safety instructions in an effective way.

Information signs

Our clear, aesthetic signage panels convey all the important information about your building and its surroundings (car park, green spaces, entrance, etc.). With their meticulous design and quality materials, they add a professional touch to your points of sale.

Would you like to install signage solutions that are both functional and appealing?


Saycom’s excellence for your signage panels

Saycom offers a complete range of POS visual communication solutions to meet every requirement. The quality, durability and aesthetic of our signage panels make them a key asset for an effective and consistent visual communication.

We bring them to life with all the know-how and experience acquired through the many marketing projects successfully managed by our teams.


Our consultants remain at your disposal every step of the process and guide you in finding the best visual solutions, guaranteeing the effectiveness of your signage.

Tailored solutions

Our customised signage panels are tailored according to your visual communication needs. Our designers work closely with you to create signs that perfectly reflect your brand identity.


Whether wall-mounted or pole-mounted, our signs are made from high-quality and long-lasting materials.

Continuous innovation

Saycom keeps up to date with the latest developments in standards and materials.


We’re committed to the environment. Our signage panels are eco-friendly, and every material is curated with this principle in mind.

How about guiding and informing your POS visitors?