Your customised commercial furniture

Choose tailor-made counters and pieces of furniture to highlight your products in your point of sale or showroom!

Just like your displays, your shop furnishings help to showcase your products and your work, increasing their success with customers.

Whether you need us to make a unique sales counter, a range of furnishings or to completely design your POS fitting, Saycom stands out with its ability to turn your ideas into reality!


Welcome to Saycom‘s world of commercial furniture, where elegance meets practicality to create exceptional commercial spaces!


Tailor-made furniture to highlight your sale products

Saycom’s experts will advise you on which furniture to choose: model, design, colours, materials, etc. All our pieces of furniture are designed with meticulous attention to detail. We create an environment that conveys an experience and an atmosphere, while helping to showcase your products.

And this, for all types of commercial furniture, whether in one-off or mass production:

  • Sales counter
  • Reception desk
  • Office space
  • Lounge space
  • Kitchenette
  • Display solutions
  • Sorting centre

Take a look at our tailored-made furniture

Are you looking for tailor-made furniture solutions for your business or showroom?

Contact Saycom, your trusted partner

Saycom turns your commercial space into a place of exception

The visibility and enhancement of your merchandise is the key to encourage your customers to make a purchase. That’s why Saycom creates high-quality commercial furnishings that integrate perfectly with your POS marketing.

We bring them to life with all the know-how and experience acquired through the many marketing projects successfully managed by our teams.

Global service

Our team of experts remains at your disposal every step of the process, from conception to installation, including manufacturing and design, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

Tailor-made solutions

Need appealing counters, custom shelving, a comfortable lounge or any other piece of furniture? Saycom creates them. Our team delivers tailor-made furniture solutions that reflect your brand identity and meet your marketing needs.


Our commercial furniture is made from the finest, most durable materials (wood, metal, Plexiglas) to ensure the longevity of each of our creations.

Continuous innovation

Saycom is at the cutting edge of commercial furniture and offers you the most modern solutions.


Saycom approaches environment with reasonable and due care, providing you with eco-friendly tailor-made furniture.

Exceptional quality, on-time delivery, unrivalled flexibility and proven expertise are Saycom’s strengths in turning your dream furniture into reality.

Saycom excels in creating customised commercial furniture that enhances your products in a creative and powerful way.