Advertising displays: integrating digital technologies with Saycom

Integrating digital advertising screens into the overall design of your points of sale

The consumer’s attention, constantly stimulated by advertisement, is increasingly difficult to capture. Set yourself apart from your competitors by using promotional or informative screens. These are essential point-of-sale communication tools, as they help create a memorable customer experience.

Make the most of this opportunity with Saycom, the specialist in POS visual identity deployment!

Why place digital advertising displays in your points of sale?

Increase your visibility

They catch the consumer’s eye, increasing the visibility of your products and messages.

Generate more traffic to your points of sale

Once customers’ attention has been captured, they are more likely to enter your outlet and make a purchase.

Broadcast infinite content

Highlight your promotions, adapt prices or other information in real time, offer customers informative videos, interactive animations…

Level up customer experience

Digital displays can entertain, inform and ease the purchasing process for customers, optimising their experience in your outlet.

Most stores equipped with advertising screens have seen their sales increase. Why not yours too?

Saycom integrates and dresses your displays up to showcase them

As part of a comprehensive interior or exterior design installation, Saycom integrates LED displays to your facades, advertising totems or tailored furniture for your points of sale.

We can also work with your display supplier to efficiently execute your request and provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract more customers and achieve your marketing objectives!

Leveraging its know-how in highlighting digital advertising displays, Saycom turns your point of sale into an appealing and dynamic space.