Our displays and POS advertising: key assets for your marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns execution

Presentation of your products

Retail communication

Showcase your products and boost sales with Saycom’s POS displays and advertising materials!

As a marketing director or product manager, are you planning to install powerful and innovative merchandising devices in your showrooms or shops?

Optimise the permanent presentation of your products or in-store promotions! Saycom helps you achieve your marketing objectives.

Our experts have mastered the various merchandising techniques (thermoforming, wood/metal/Plexiglas mixing, printing on any material, etc.), and will work with you to determine the best design.


Display stands and POS advertising:

Let Saycom’s flexibility surprise you!

In the shop window, on the pavement in front of your building, on your counters or on your retail space floor, POS advertising offer endless possibilities. Whether you need to run a temporary promotional campaign or showcase your products on a permanent basis, Saycom’s flexibility and expertise are your best assets!

We can advise you and design the display stands and POS advertising of your dreams:

  • High-end displays (wood, metal, thermoformed or non-thermoformed Plexiglas)
  • Fixed or mobile, permanent or semi-permanent, illuminated or non-illuminated display stands
  • Eye-catching pavement signs
  • Four-colour printing on all materials (ferrous, magnet, expanded PVC – Forex, etc.)
  • Appealing badges and promotional posters
  • Modular totems
  • Advertising banners, kakemonos, perpendicular signs, beach flags, illuminated or non-illuminated tarpaulin, roll-up banners
  • Space- or terrace-limiting barriers
  • Floor stickers

Saycom helps you achieve your merchandising goals!

Saycom executes your POS marketing campaigns

Saycom takes care of everything for your ad hoc or regular marketing campaigns! We take care of the production of all your communications and POS materials. Depending on your needs, we deliver them as a kit to your various points of sale, or take care of their installation.

Saycom’s excellence for your displays, POS advertising and campaigns

Are you looking to maximise your products visibility and boost your sales? Saycom provides you with cutting-edge merchandising solutions. We bring them to life with all the know-how and experience acquired through the many marketing projects successfully managed by our teams.

    Global service

    Our team of experts remains at your disposal every step of the process, from conception to design and installation, while respecting your graphic style guide. Saycom proactively coordinates and manages your project.

    Tailored solutions

    Saycom adapts its displays and advertising materials to suit your products (cosmetics, books, food products, cars, brochures, etc.), taking technical constraints into accounts, on any material, in any colour and in any size.


    Our displays are made from materials adapted to your request. They can be reused for future campaigns.

    Continuous innovation

    Saycom is at the cutting edge of displays and advertising materials, and offers you the most powerful promotional communication solutions, while leveraging its know-how in thermoforming, printing and material combinations.


    Saycom approaches environment with reasonable and due care, always thinking in terms of reutilisation and offering eco-friendly POS advertising solutions.

    Looking for effective display stands that set you apart from the competition and draw your customers’ attention?

    Saycom excels in creating customised display stands and POS advertising, as well as in providing marketing campaigns that creatively and effectively promote your products.